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Hi Alex ...

thanks so much for replying on email & so quickly!! ...I have also tried to see if Winston Dewar might know since his ancestors owned Lots 11, 12,13 on Cote St. George & he still owns that property ...but I have written to him twice & not had a response...I hate to keep pestering him but wondered if you might possibly have the info re: his property (ie. old lot # matched up with new lot #) in your files.

I have a wonderful old document from the 1860's (a "Deed of Donation" in French along with an English translation) which confirms that Lot # 10 belonged to my great-great-grandfather Alexander McGregor & refers to Lot # 10 as "located at the southeast of the Cote St. Georges...adjoining on one side to Mr. Alexander McGregor, son of Donald and on the other side to Mr. John Dewar, son of Robert."

Mrs. "Bunny" McGregor Dobbin has told me that her earliest ancestor was Donald McGregor & that he owned the red house that is on the south side of Cote St. George just east of the St. Telesphore Road. So this, plus the fact that I know from the early census that my ancestor's house was a stone one, makes me pretty confident that Lot # 10 is the present day Lot # 221, the stone house belonging to the LaFreniere's at 1545 St. Telesphore Road.

However, I really would feel better if I could have this confirmed through another source. We have been unable to locate the graves of our great-great-grandparents (Alexander McGregor & Ellen McGibbon), so we suspect they were buried on their farm property. This is why we are so anxious to find the right farm!

Thank you again Alex for your help ...and sorry to have gotten so long-winded with all this detail.


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