the Bainsville Ontario Blue Bombers Hockey team circa 1950's

Glengarry County

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This is a photo of the Bainsville (Blue) Bombers, Circa early 1950's, Bainsville, Ontario.

Who are they? Where are they Now?
Any comments welcomed, contact Alex

In this photo circa early 1950's in the back row from left to right are as follows, based on knowledge of Rhoda Ross.

Back row from left to right

  1. John Forbes?? if it is, he was killed in a car accident!
  2. Melvin Gardner, brother of Ray
  3. Billy Mitchell 1929 - 1999
  4. Percy Morrison 1923 - 2006
  5. Keith McGregor
  6. Not certain may be a ? Baker, Alex thought this Maybe looks like Orville Sinnott??
  7. John Ross, 1924-1976
  8. Ray Gardner, brother of Melvin

    Front row from left to right

  9. ? St Louis
  10. John McCuaig, brother of Artie MacCuaig, Curry Hill, Ont.
  11. Maurice Leblanc
  12. unknown??
  13. Doug Westley
  14. Ron Graham
  15. Jackie 'The Farmer' MacDonald

    Philip Leroux,
    Jimmy Robertson 1931-1898

    Bainsville Blue Bombers 1980

Any comments welcomed, contact Alex

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