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If you are aware of any other Home pages whose family has a Glengarry County and area family connection, kindly let me know so I can check out the site and possibly add it to this list.
Any Comments to Alex


  1. off line 10/12Sandra Anderson 11/2000
    When the WorldConnect page loads, scroll down to the lower left side of the page where it says "Jump to specific database" and type in Anderson-Hay
    I have over 4000 names, primarily with Glengarry/Prescott roots. My primary lines are Hay, Steele, Eaton, Robinson and includes peripheral lines such as M(a)cDonald, M(a)cPherson, McCaskill, Mark, McClure, Falkner, Stephens, Carkner, Cameron, M(a)cPhee, Welden, Millar, McInnes, Jamieson etc.
    e mail Heaven@ican.net

  2. This site is now offline 9/1/07
    Baker & Carpenter Family
    from the Cornwall Area.
    e mail twosocks@koan.com

  3. off-line 10/12 Tom Carmody genealogy page with connections in the Caledonia Springs, Ontario Area New 8/01
    e mail

  4. Glen Carruthers Home Page 2/99
    From Hamilton, Ontario.
    I have been researching the "Carruthers Family Roots" in Canada for about 7 years. I have extensive information on file for several Carruthers Trees in Canada. The main person I am researching is William Carruthers born in Scotland in 1815 (Dumfries area), he migrated to Canada in the 1840's and settled in Morewood Ontario. There are several family names in this tree, Shearer, Watt, Steven, Carruthers, Brimacombe.
    If you have information relating to the Carruthers name in Canada I would be most interested in hearing from you....Glen
    e mail gcarruthers@Mountaincable.net

  5. Bryan Cass Family
    with connections to Maxville, Cassburn, L'Orignal, Ontario.

  6. Ron Chenier Family
    from Nepean, Ont., with Chenier connections to Wendover and Plantagenet in Prescott County..

  7. off line 10/12 Clendenning family Connections12/98
    Richard Clendenning Connections to Glengarry County, Martintown Area.
    e mail rlcdmc@compuserve.com

  8. This site offline 9/1/07
    The D'Aoust Family Genealogy Homepage 1/99 Update 06/01,
    This page
    hasfamily references to Vankleek Hill, St. Eugene, Plantagenet, Alfred in Prescott County and also to Glengarry County.
    e mail daoustweb@hotmail.com Tom Dault

  9. Decoste Forum
    This site of line 9/1/07>>> Suzanne Decoste
    Family history page, (french speaking, hoping that her english is getting better) Montreal area, Quebec, Canada.
    The father of Raoul is Joseph Decosse married to Octavie Brunet. Here is a pic (1910) of them, their children and in law ( I put the names according to a paper written by my grand-ma)
    e mail sdecoste@enter-net.com New 02/01

    Home page of Charlene Dunn, Alberta with Glengarry, Stormont family connections.
    e mail cfdun@telusplanet.netThis page no longer on line, 6/26/01

  11. James Edgar
    of Melville, Saskatchewan with Edgar connections in Lancaster, Ontario.

  12. Elizabeth Fraser, ,
    Elizabeth is an artist, [view her paintings from this link] and the dau of [ Molly Lynn 1936-1990 Front Royal W. Virginia ] James Fraser of Hudson, Ohio the son of Arlington Fraser 1904 - 1997 of Lancaster Ontario
    e mail efraser@champart.com

  13. This page no longer on line, 9/1/07 Nancy Fraser
    of the North West Territories, Canada, with McRae, McCrimmon connections to Kenyon and East Hawkesbury

  14. Neil Fraser of the Canadian Clan Fraser with Fraser, Spratt, McKay, Anderson connections in Hawkesbury and Breadalbane.

  15. GARDINER Family Tree
    with a MacEwen Connection to St. Elmo, Glengarry County

  16. Louis-Philippe Hemond 1/2000
    From the Chicago, Illinois area with some Emond Family genealogy from the Glengarry & St. Polycarpe, Vaudreuil area
    e mail lhemond@gsbalum.uchicago.edu

  17. of line 10/12Anne Houle too has a connection to Soulanges County. New 03/01

  18. offline 10/12Jean's Family1/2000
    Jean Wingfield Box 171 Kinistino SK S0J 1H0 Canada with Raymond and McNaughton Connections in the Williamstown, Ontario area.

  19. Shanna Jones
    of St. George, Utah with MacDonell, Campbell. McDougal, McPhee connections in Glengarry County. e mail shannajones@charter.net updated 8/01

    With Joubert, Villeneuve connections in Williamstown,Ontario and Prescott & Vaudreuil County.

  21. Edward Kipp's Home Page
    of Orleans, Ontario, with connections to the Link and Empey [both of UEL descent] family of Cornwall Township, Stormont County.

  22. of line 10/12 Lacombe Family
    Outline with connections to The Counties of Prescott and Glengarry.

  23. Larocque Family History Book 4/99
    The Larocque Family History Book consists of family information on Larocque, LaRocque, LaRoque, Roquebrune, Rocbrune, LaRock, Rock, Rochbrune, Rockburn, Roburn, with connections in the Stormont and Soulanges County area
    e mail Louis Larocque

  24. of line 10/12 Leigh Hay-LeBlanc has a Hay site may be viewed by clicking here. 11/2000
    This site has been moved or deleted from family treemaker. Corrections welcomed. Update 8/04, AF; Clicking this site brings the following message"Forbidden; You don't have permission to access /users/h/a/y/B-L-Hayleblanc/ on this server."

  25. Joseph LegaultUpdate 11/1/99,
    This page is now off line
    Chris Foisy family connections to Glengarry & Stormont County.
    e mail cfoisy@autoroute.net

  26. off line 10/12 John Mccaffrey 11/99
    was born in Ireland about 1821. He married Ellen Ryan in St.jean Baptiste, L'orignal, Prescott County, Ontario, June 23, 1850.
    e mail kathrynsd@prodigy.com

  27. http://www.gencircles.com/users/rmccomb/3 McComb Kereszturi Family 1/2000
    Ronald B. McComb of Dewey Arizona USA 86327-5731 with Howes family genealogy from Prescott & Glengarry County, also MacLennan family information from Glengarry County
    e mail

  28. off line 10/12 http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=jmacd&submit=Go MacDonalds,MacPhersons & Related Families of Glengarry County by Jamie Moira MacPherson-MacDonald U.E., Glengarry & Area Connections. New 8/01
    e mail

  29. off line 10/12 Paul McDonald
    Of Halifax, Nova Scotia, with family connections, MacDonald's, MacRaes, MacLeods, MacGillis from Williamstown to Glen Robertson and surrounding area.

  30. William Walter MacDonald
    Rathie Family Genealogy of Montreal, Que. with MacDonald connections to Glengarry County.
    this site is no longer on line, AF, 8/13/04

  31. off line 10/12 McKenzie Genealogy Home Page
    of Swan River, Manitoba with MacKenzie connections to Williamstown area.

  32. off line 10/12 Linda MacKinnon
    With Brownell connections in Stormont County,McHugh connections in Prescott & Russell Couties, MacGillivray and MacKinnon in Glengarry County.

  33. Welcome to the Clan MacLennan Page Clan MacLennan New 6/99
    e mail Dave MacLennan or Dave MacLennan

  34. off line 10/12 Robert Mcmillan 11/99
    birth date unknown. He married Jessie Mcmillan in St. Finnan, Alexandria, Glengarry, Canada, August 15, 1859. She is the daughter of John Mcmillan and Jane Cameron.
    e mail kathrynsd@prodigy.com

  35. The Douglas K.McRae Family Page
    of Comox, B. C. with family connections to the Maxville area

  36. Clan Macrae Online
    Our pages focus on Clan Macrae history and genealogy with many connections to the Glengarry area. Although only a small portion of the total family records (27,000+) would be from the Glengarry area, our lines also run through Quebec, Nova Scotia, North Carolina, and Scotland, as well as west to Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia.

  37. Clan Montgomery Society International.

  38. Ancestors of Susan Jean MarkanenNew1/2000,
    Susan married Steven Lester Knowles, with MacGillivray family connections in the Kirk Hill, Glengarry County area, also McNab and MacLeod
    e mail smarkanen@yahoo.com Update 9/00,

  39. http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~database/MILLAR.htm New 9/1/07

  40. Naughton AncestorsUpdate 9/1/07,
    This page is now off line
    Sharon Norton Freedland and Colleen Norton Raven, two amateur genealogists welcome you to our Home Page, honoring our Naughtin Family Tree research, begun in 1993 and continuing to this day.† Our research began in Finch Township, Ontario,Canada. Our Great great Grandfather Michael Naughtin settled in the area in 1853. He was Irish as was noted in the Canadian Census of 1852.††

  41. The Nelson and McRae Genealogy Page
    of Wisconsin, USA with McGillis and McRae connections to Bridge End, Lancaster,township & Soulanges County, Quebec updated 8/01

  42. off line 10/12 The Ogilvie/Sauve page 3/2000
    with SAUVE and CAMPEAU connections in Glen Nevis & Alexandria area.

  43. Our Roxborough Connections 7/99
    NOTE: The email for David L. & George E. Montgomery on this page do not work.

  44. off line 10/12 The Donald Poyner Family Home Page
    of Mississauga, Ontario with connections to Thomas 'Taylor' Ross and William Urquhart in the Lancaster to Martintown area.

  45. off line 10/12 Bob and Betty Ranger
    The McCuaig / Lachance / Brennan Family with ancestry from Moose Creek, Ont. in Eastern Ontario, the St. Lawrence Valley and Ottawa - History is being compiled by Bob Ranger - - - Syracuse, New York, USA.

  46. G. Ian Roberts Home Page New 2/2000 -- Updated Jun.01
    With Crowder and Mills families along with the McLennan and Miltimore lines settled in the Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry
    e mail dd404@freenet.carleton.ca

  47. off line 10/12 Robinson Family
    of Hamilton, Ontario with connections to the Glengarry & Cornwall area.

  48. Don and Jeanne Ross Family Home Page
    Of Cranbrook, BC with Glengarry Connections, Thomas "Taylor" Ross UEL

  49. off line 10/12 Laura McMartin-Ruhle New 1/2000
    with MacMartin-Grant- Cameron Connections in Charlottenburgh Township
    e mail lruhle@aol.com

  50. Tremblay - Brunelle Genealogy Home Page 3/99
    include many families from the Glengarry, Cornwall, and St. Regis area, like Simpkins, Trembley, Amell, Bonneville, Lerous, Disheau. It also includes the Raquet River area of New York.
    e mail Liana Brunell Trombley

  51. The THOMPSON/LEFAIVRE Family Home Page
    of Edmonton, Alberta with Cutt and Lalonde connections from Fournier, Riceville in Prescott County

  52. off line 10/12 Johannes SNYDER #262
    died Lancaster, Ont. after 1785.
    Melissa Ward. e mail sarafina@kua.net

  53. Lyle Staehnke
    from 3533 N.E.149th Portland, OR 97230 United States, with Cryan, McGillis, Sayers connections in chesterville, Cornwall, Morrisburg and Williamsburg, Ontario area

  54. William Morrison in Michigan

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If you are aware of any other Home pages whose family has a Glengarry County and area family connection, kindly let me know so I can check out the site and possibly add it to the above list.

Any Comments to Alex

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