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Our titles in most cases are always available for those interested individuals who desire to purchase a copy & support our efforts. Thanks for this act of Kindness. AWF

Cemetery List Backgrounder information,

January 1998
The following is a list of cemeteries in our files [see separate links] and unless stated have been, copied in full. In most cases there is an name index, but most of these inscriptions or indeces are not on the computer yet. If interested in obtaining a copy of any particular cemetery gravestone inscriptions see below for further information.

Of this list there are about 17 of these cemeteries in published form, namely in Gravestones of Glengarry, Volume 1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8 and Gravestones of Prescott County, Volume 1,2, Gravestones of Stormont County, Volume 1. Each of these published cemeteries are so identified in this list.

The Mormon Genealogy Library in Salt Lake City, Utah has microfilmed about 11,000 pages of our files, { see our publication list pages 41 - 47 } making up 7 plus reels of microfilm each with its own reference number, as follows
Reel No.
1-- LDS#:1598265 containing items # 1 - 11
2-- LDS#:1598266 containing items # 1- 14
3-- LDS#:1598267 containing items # 1- 27
4-- LDS#:1598268 containing items # 1- 5
5-- LDS#:1598269 containing items # 1- 8
6-- LDS#:1598270 containing items # 1- 9
7-- LDS#:1598277 containing items # 1 - 8

In the following list each cemetery has a reel number where applicable which is the Mormon Genealogy library 7 digit number [1598277 ] and an item number of where to find the cemetery on that reel [ item # 1- 12 ].

We have also included 2 OGS reference numbers also where applicable. These still need to be updated in this list.
1-- OGS Cemetery Reference Number = example OGS #833
2-- The OGS cemetery microfilm reference file Number like "MR 327989" and is included here for reference purposes only.

The following Cemetery list is subject to change and correction.

This list is complete for Glengarry County ONLY. FOR THE other counties, it lists those cemeteries we have copied or are working on.

The OGS has in their cemetery file a copy of over 12,000 gravestone inscriptions from our files.

The Cemetery list for Glengarry County and Area represents a total
gravestone inscriptions number of-------15,928
1997 update, new stones-------341
Total markers 1997 -------16,269
1998 update, new stones-------4,042 Total markers 1998------- 20,311
which at an averge of 3 names per stone represent over-------60,933 names

Of the listed 165 cemeteries only the McDermid Cemetery [#11] Martintown , Ontario, Charlotttenburgh Township Glengarry County and
the Cameron Cemetery [99], Cornwall Township in Stormont County are included in Version 5.0 of the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid, Web pageOntario Cemetery Finding Aid

Likewise none of the cemeteries listed here from Prescott County to my knowledge are included in the OCFA Version 5.0. Except maybe the following
TOWNSHIP: North Plantagenet- Plantagenet [68];
TOWNSHIP: South Plantagenet- Riceville Baptist[73] & Riceville United [maybe 72].

Prescott, Glengarry, and Stormont County have a total of 147 cemeteries.

This notice will be updated from time to time.


We have 90 area cemeteries copied in full in our files which include the above listed & some published gravestone inscriptions, for Glengarry County, Prescott County, Stormont County, Soulanges/Vaudreuil County,. If interested, in any of these cemeteries with the full gravestone inscription check out the above links.

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