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The following C I H M List of microfiche items deals with Glengarry & area Families, and or connections from a few pages to 36 and each consists of only 1 microfiche.

The CIHM # is in bold as shown below.

  • 10852 deals with John Fraser & Hugh Fraser estate of Montreal with Glengarry Connections See also 57053

  • 12203 This deals with Family Genealogy of Jacob F. Pringle [of Cornwall, Ontario] and his wife Isabella Fraser [of Fraserfield, north west of Williamstown, Ontario] 35 pages of an 1892 document

  • 14993 This deals with the petition of Harriet Fraser [dau of Simon Fraser, explorer] to Canadian Government ca 1887 2 pages

  • 34059 This phamplet by author Mrs. A. MacDougall entitled Friendly Reminiscences of Donald Cattanach, Esq. Dedicated to his worthy wife, and his children and Grand children, about 17 pages, Glengarry County, Laggan area. Donald was buried at Dalhousie Mills. Published 1884 by Dudley & Burns, Colborne Street, Toronto.

  • 57053 This deals with a petition of John Fraser 1820-1899, Montreal, Hugh Fraser 1818-1870 estate, Fraser Institute with reference to Glengarry Connections. See also 10852
  • For more information on the above microfiche contact C I H M, 395 Wellington Street, Room 468. Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N4. Telephone: (613) 235-2628

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