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Our titles in most cases are always available for those interested individuals who desire to purchase a copy & support our efforts. Thanks for this act of Kindness. AWF


Thank you for that act of Kindness AWF

Another Page from the Files of HH/GGS, Alex W. Fraser, Rhoda Ross

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was started In January 1997, which at present [Mar. 98] has over 34,000 names from the following different sources, it is being worked on as time allows.

This Finding Aid is made up of the following field breakdown, namely;
LOCATION although mainly in the Glengarry County area, it also includes locations from all over the world depending on the information provided/found.
REFERENCE source where the information can be found.
DATE this includes the year and month of birth and death when available.
NOTES this includes when information is available name of a parent, name of spouse, or some other useful information.

Dec. 1997, updated Mar.'98

The following books, gravestone inscriptions, sources, is what presently makes up the names that are in the finding aid, which I am working on for the counties of Glengarry, Stormont, Prescott, Soulanges and Vaudreuil. As we get more material listed, that item/title will be listed here.

As of Mar. 13.98
The Glengarry County and Area Finding Aid has over 34,100 names. If the Finding is printed out it will be about 1100 pages or about 7.5 megs of computer space.

The Finding Aid will serve for the names of individuals in the counties of Glengarry, Stormont, Dundas & Prescott in Ontario & Soulanges & Vaudreuil in Quebec. It is in a computer database to and from these various area sources.

Name Check

If the viewer wishes some NAMES be looked up in this Finding Aid, they may send in no more than 6 names at a time to be checked, if anything if found the information will be available
for a small fee per name.

Information, where possible when sent to us, should include First Name, Surname, Date, Location Also If you request it, a print out of a Surname is also available for a small fee per page.

Also check the Names Not Found list.

For more information contact Alex W. Fraser

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since Feb. 26, 2000,

The Following References which are indexed or being indexed make up the contents of the Finding Aid.

  1. American Family Records Association, Kansas City, Mo. --Interlibrary Loan Books. [AFRA]

  2. Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Moulinette, Cornwall Township. gravestone inscriptions [CCAC]

  3. [Harry] Casselman Cemetery lot 9 Concession 1, Williamsburg township gravestone inscriptions [CCWT]

  4. The Canadian Glen Falloch Murrays,1987, --March 1998, 847 names, photo index [CGFM]

  5. Fairview United Church Cemetery, Morrisburg, Ont. [FVUM]

  6. File Scrapbook of deaths, obitaries 1977 from Glengarry News, [FSO1]

  7. Fr. John's Diary of Deaths 1819 - 1866, & 1839 CENSUS IN PART 1992 [FJDD]

  8. Glengarry Stormont Obits Volume 1, 1994 [OBT1]

  9. Gravestones of Glengarry Vol 1 - 8

  10. Gravestones of Prescott Volume 1, Barb & McLaughlin Cemetery Index [1985] [APGP] -- Feb. 98 -- 1440 names

  11. Gravestones of Prescott Volume 2, Ste Anne de Prescott 2 cemeteries

  12. The Hickey family Cemetery, E 1/2 lot 3 concession 1, Williamsburg township. [THFC]

  13. Rev. James McNally Partial Parish Register in Prescott and Russell Baptisms, Marriages 1836 - 1865, 1995 [JMCN]

  14. The Kennedys, MacDiarmids, McDermids, Munros and other Glengarry - Stormont pioneers, by Robert Campbell and Douglas McDermid, 1986. [KDMP]

  15. Kirk Hill United Church gravestone Inscriptions as of the early 1980's [KHC]

  16. Libray of Alex. W. Fraser, Lancaster, Ontario [GGRL] Books in our library.

  17. Lochiel Reform Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Brodie, Ontario [LRPC ]

  18. MacDonald of Loup, Lundie, Fraser connections CD V3 over 11,000 entries [loup3]

  19. MacDougalls - MacEwens - Stewarts - Munroes - Robertsons and other Glengarry - Stormont Pioneers, 1990 [DESR] --March 1998, 1113 names, photo index

  20. Maple Grove Cemetery, lot 22 concession 1 Cornwall Township [MGAC]

  21. Maxville; Its Centennial Story, 1991 [MICS] Dec 1997 --5689 names

  22. Milles Roches United Church Cemetery, Lot 26 conc 1 Cornwall township. [MRUC]

  23. New Aultsville United Church Cemetery [NAUC]

  24. Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic Cemetery, Dickinson's landing Southwest part of lot 7 concession 1 Osnabruck township. [LGRC]

  25. Quigleys Corners Cemetery 5th Lochiel [QCCL]

  26. Reflections on Monkland & District, 1985 --March 1998, 1086 names, photo index. [ROMD]

  27. St Andrew's Presbyterian/United BMD Williamstown 1779-1914 2 volumes over 5500 entries [SAWM]

  28. St. Columba's Presbyterian Gravestone Inscriptions as of 1980 [KHSC]

  29. St. David's Anglican Church Cemetery, Wales/Dickinson1s Landing, Ontario. [SDAC]

  30. St. John's Anglican Cemetery, Front Part of the Centre Commons, Concession 1, Township of Matilda, Iroquois [SJAC]

  31. ST. JOHN'S ANGLICAN CHURCH CEMETERY, Lot 30 Conc. 1, Lancaster township. Church in the Wildwood, GGV2 [SJLC] [SJAW]

  32. St. John's Lutheran, Riverside, east of Morrisburg, Ont. [SJLM]

  33. St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Lancaster, Ontario GGV2 [SJCC]

  34. St. Joseph Catholic Church Records 1904 - 1928, 1995 Lancaster, Ontario [SJL]

  35. St. Marks United Church Cemetery, Wales and Dickinson1s Landing, Osnabruck Township. [SMUW]

  36. St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery Aultsville, lot 32 concession 1, Osnabruck township, gravestone inscriptions [ASPA]

  37. Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Riverside, east of Morrisburg, Ont. [TACR]

  38. The Schools of The Glens, 1992 --March 1998, 3014 names, photo index [TSTG]

  39. United Church Old Cemetery, Aultsville, Old cemetery, lot 34 concession 1, Osnabruck township. [UCCA]

  40. United Church of Canada Cemetery, Moulinette, Cornwall township. [UCCC]

  41. Woodlands East Cemetery [Presbyterian & Anglican], Lot 19 Concession 1, Osnabruck Township, Stormont County. [WECO]

  42. Woodlands West Presbyterian Cemetery, Farrens point [WWPC]

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