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United Empire Loyalist's Association of Canada
is situated at 50 Baldwin St. Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1L4
TELEPHONE (416) 591-1783 FAX (416) 591-7506
E-MAIL at UEL Association
and has 29 branches spread across Canada.
The Local branch is the St. Lawrence UEL Branch, P.O. box 607, Morrisburg, Ontario K0C 1X0.
e mail St. Lawrence UEL Branch,


Glengarry was first settled by Loyalists circa 1784. At that time there are stories, that there were previous settlers here in addition to the Native people, but this is hard to confirm.

June 19, [1998] declared EMPIRE LOYALIST DAY in hamlet [of Williamstown]

Re-enactment of the 1784 Landing at Adolphustown

United Empire Loyalists' Day in Ontario

Eastern District The area of Glengarry, Stormont, Prescott County was part of the Eastern District and the easten part was called the Sunken Township, now Lancaster and Charlottenburgh Township. The loyalist settlers along the St. Lawrence River, Lake St. Frances, here, were Curry, Snyder, Young, Fraser, MacDonald, Ross, Cameron, Grant, Sutherland, Sommers, to name a few. Today the descendants of these 1st settlers are scattered across North America and beyond.

In Stormont, names of settlers were, Cline, MacDonald, Cameron, Munro, Cook, Crysler and many others.

In the LOYALIST LINEAGES, 3 volume set many of these names have been documented to the Loyalist descendants over a 6 to 8 generation period. These books make a good reference guide for the family concerned, no matter what the gaps. For more information e mail UEL Association

Another useful book in checking out Loyalists is William D. Reid's LOYALISTS IN ONTARIO.

includes links to Military Records, Citizenship (Naturalization) Records, Loyalist Sources, Acadian Sources, LI-RA-MA (Russian Consular Records) Home children, Military Records, Pre-First World War records, First World War records (1914-1918), Post First World War records, including Second World War.

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