Feb. 10, 1998, R.R.
The Glengarry News, September 24th, 1959, pg. 6, col. 1 &2.

Moose Creek Presbyterians Marked 121st Anniversary

on Sunday (copied in part)

The Roxborough district began to be settled after the turn of the 19th century.

As early as 1826 with the settlement of the Rev. Archibald Connell at Martintown and Indian Lands, it is believed that the occasional home service was held in the Roxborough district.

In 1838, the Rev. Daniel Clark became the first minister of the United Congregations of Indians Lands, Roxborough and Kenyon. Mr. Clark left the united charges in 1849 and is buried in the cemetery at Kirk Hill.

The Rev. Daniel Gordon, father of the famed "Ralph Connor" became the next minister. He was licensed in Scotland and ordained by the Presbytery of Montreal in 1849. He accepted the call to the United Congregations in the year 1853. He served at the Indian Lands and Roxborough until 1871 when he was called to Harrington.

Rev. Patterson of Martintown supplied between 1871-1875. Rev. John MacKenzie was the minister in the years 1875-1898. On July 13th,1897, he requested permission to build a church in Moose Creek village. At a congregational meeting held on May 7th, 1900, it was decided that a church be built in Moose Creek. A lot owned by John Peter Grant was purchased on which ground the beautiful church stands. Thomas Gordon was the contractor. The clearing of the land and building began on June 18th, 1900. The corner-stone was laid on July 18th, 1900. The dedication service was held on February 10th, 1901, with the Rev. H. D. Leitch of St.Elmo, s Moderator of the congregation. The first minister in this church was the Rev. Lauchlin Beaton, who was minister of the church during the erection of the building.

On July 1st. 1901, a congregational meeting was called for the purpose of building a Manse. A site was chosen and the present Manse was erected by John MacLennan of St. Elmo, contractor.


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