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Our titles in most cases are always available for those interested individuals who desire to purchase a copy & support our efforts. Thanks for this act of Kindness. AWF
John Cariboo Cameron
The Story of John 'Cariboo' Cameron

Dr. Donald G. Dingwall
a Sketch of his life

Charles William Gordon,
pen name Ralph Connor

Newsy Lalonde 4/99
The Lalonde family can truly boast of producing one of the greatest players ever to play the game. Edouard Charles (Newsy) Lalonde was the dominant player during the first 25 years of hockey according to no less an authority than the Hockey Hall of Fame.

John D. McArthur
John D. McArthur 1854 - 1927 from Lancaster, Ontario

Archie H. McCuaig
Archie H. McCuaig missing since 1908, from Perveril/Dalhousie Mills/Cote St. George Area.

Dr. Royce MacGillivray

Proposed book announcement on Pipe Major John T. MacKenzie New 8/00

Claude J. Nunney, check under VC winners
REGIMENTAL WINNER OF THE VICTORIA CROSS No. 410935, PTE. Claude Joseph Patrick Nunney, VC, DCM, MM and
Claude Joseph Patrick Nunney

Sir Edward Peacock 3/99
Came from the St. Elmo Area, Kenyon township.
Sir Edward Peacock Plaque
and Sir Edward Peacock

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