Gravestones of Glengarry Vol.6-Braedalbane, includes Peter Stewart Handbook/Diary


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Peter Stewart Handbook/Diary is now part of Gravestones of Glengarry Vol.6

This diary is no longeer available seeparately. This work Vol.6, Breadalbane can be obtained as a hard copy, on CD or download.

The following is --- From Handbook of Peter Stewart who came out on the SS Dorothy in 1815 ---

Record of Deaths of the Breadalbane Congregation and their connections. [ This book was probably prepared by John Peter Stewart, first son of the emigrant Peter Stewart.]

This original file, a typed copy, consisting of 9 pages, totalling 151 entries, 144 covering the period from 1857 to 1883, then an additional 7 entries covering the period 1857 to 1910, which we have had for a number of years. At present I am not sure where it came from.

For those wishing to purchase this work, it will be cerlox bound with softcover copy
Alex W. Fraser,
Apr. 25.99, updated Aug 2014

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Update Aug 2014
A full name index has been made of this work, Vol.6 Breadalbane as well it was crossed checked with the inscriptions of the Breadalbane Baptist Community cemetery. See content list of Vol.6 at Gravestones of Glengarry


Sample Entry:
Margann Campbell daughter of John D., died on the 21st of November 1866 aged 18 months. This may vary somee in the Gravestones of Glengarry V.6 index.


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Breadalbane Community Cemetery Breadalbane,
R.R.#2, Dalkeith, Ont. 1992.
by Alex W. Fraser/Rhoda Ross
See content list of Vol.6 at Gravestones of Glengarry

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