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The School of the Glens,1992, Editor Marion MacMaster , hard cover, size 8 1/2" by 11", no index, many illustrations, various contributors make up the contents of this work, deals with the history of the Schools in the township of Lochiel, Kenyon and part of Prescott County.

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Thus -- photo Name index -- contains over 3000 name entries along the following format

murrays kennedymunro macdougallmacewen maxvillestory monklanddistrict schoolof glens
The Canadian Glen Falloch MurraysThe Kennedys, MacDiarmids, McDermids, MunrosThe MacDougalls - MacEwens - Stewarts - Munroes - RobertsonsMaxville; Its Centennial StoryReflections of Monkland & DistrictThe School of the Glens

Surname, Christian, Location Ref. Date Notes
Vogan, Mary Mrs. Lochiel TSTG 1943 - 1944 p. 20 McCrimmon East, teacher

The location and date field in this name index is not consistent in providing information on the person concerned due to make up of book information, thus gaps exist

It is hoped that eventually more names from the Schools of The Glens will be indexed, so that a complete name index results. This photo index is the beginning.

softcover, cerlox bound, size 8 1/2" X 11" about 92 pages.
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Kennedys -MacDougalls

photo name Index for

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  1. The Canadian Glen Falloch Murrays, CGFM photo name Index has 845 entries
  2. The Kennedys, MacDiarmids, McDermids, Munros, KDMP and other Glengarry - Stormont pioneers photo name Index has about 1,325 entries
  3. The MacDougalls - MacEwens - Stewarts - Munroes - Robertsons and other Glengarry - Stormont Pioneers, DESR photo name Index has 1,120 entries
  4. Maxville; Its Centennial Story Photo Name Index, MICS has about 5,700 entries
  5. Reflections of Monkland & District photo name Index, ROMD has about 1,095 entries
  6. The School of the Glens photo name Index, TSTG has over 3,000 entries
murrays kennedymunro macdougallmacewen maxvillestory monklanddistrict schoolof glens
Total number in above indeces is over 13,000 name entries

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