Special Thanks



  1. To those few who took advantage of the Summer 1999 Book Sale My Sincere Thanks. I hope the books will prove useful to your research efforts.

  2. Feed back to Linda MacKinnon Sources for Genealogical Research in Canada For listing so many of our web pages for viewers of her site as she has listed under her Eastern Ontario and Quebec links.

  3. John Coutts Library Services, Niagara Falls, Ontario for their steady book orders over the past about 20 years. E mail salesca@couttsinfo.com .ca

  4. Shana Jones of Utah for her help in indexing in part 4 local books.

  5. St. Andrews United Church web page, Williamstown, Ontario for making a link to our web site.

  6. To the Glengarry Book Store, Alexandria, Ontario for displaying and selling our titles, some of which are still in stock, since Donald Wood took over the store. No longer in operation 2008

  7. ToRoger Hetu, Que GenWeb Coordinator who when first viewed my site commented WOW! WOW! WOW! and has since left me to attend to my site with the ability and foresight I was using and for the opportunity to be Host for Soulanges & Vaudreuil County.

  8. To Sherri Pettit, Ont GenWeb cordinator for the opportunity to be host for Glengarry, Prescott and Stormont County

  9. To all those individuals who took the time and made the effort to comment with their kind words about their views in our web site Guest Book and by e mail and how it helped them. Comments made in the Guest Book between Nov. 1998 & July 1999 such as in part;
    • What a Wonderful Mtg. Place for descendents of the area.
    • I have visited this site many times and I enjoy it more every time I come back.
    • Hello. What a great site!
    • The information you have provided on this net site has helped me with my research. Thank you for all your time and effort.
    • Congratulations Plaudits to Alex Frazier. The page great and much improved over the one I tried to access a couple months ago.
    • A Big Thankyou Thankyou,Thankyou,Thankyou. This is a great site. Can't wait to explore all of your links. Great Work, it is greatly appreciated by this researcher.
    • Greetings from beautiful British Columbia. What a wonderful site.
    • What a wonderful tribute to you families.
    • Enjoyed your web site very much and will be back.Especially found Forgoton Faces interesting.
    • Thanks for the valuable and interesting site. I keep checking for any hints or information concerning my great grandfather and his family.
    • I was thrilled to find your site.
    • McEniry Research Hi & Thanks! Stumbled upon your site: http://members.tripod.com/~GLENGARRY/Riv-Beau-inscriptions.html where I found the details of my grand fathers grave # 193.
    • Your site is wonderful - always updated and always interesting! Thanks.
    • Thanks for all your research I;m enjoying all your web pages, Alex and Rhoda. Thanks so much for all your hard work researching the Ross clan.
    • Great Site On Martintown Thanks for all your work. I loved reading the History about Martintown
    • This is a very enlightning site for the area that I was looking for.
    • Thank you for a wonderful visit and memories of places, cheese factories, Sunday drives in my childhood to so many of the areas in Glengarry.
    • Found your site very easy to navigate.

  10. Canadian Genealogical Resources, John Holwell now apparently off line, for listing my web pages and books this past year and a half.

  11. Ken Steffenson, Huntingdon GenWeb Page for linking to our web site.

  12. To those who supplied some information for our web pages or bought a book from us James Edgar on Edgar family, Angus Cline on Clines, Snyder connections, and to anyone else we might have forgotten.

  13. To all those who have purchased our books over the years a sincere THANK YOU. That assistance is appreciated.

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