S.S. No1 Lancaster Public School 1963-64

S.S. No1 Lancaster Public School 1963-64 school photo, grades 1-8.
School was located across from what is now Real's Truck stop and just to the west on Highway No.2

Can any one identify these students.

See list of names below. Row 3 L>>R 2nd & 4th photo are 2 Ross sisters now living in Courtenay, BC

Who went to school here in the 1960's

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Names of kids in above school photo left to right, top to bottom
Names supplied by Lynn Ross & Elaine Lalonde. Thank You
Row 1? BelmoreDesmond QuinnRobbie MitchellTom RossAlan PetrieMichael MitchellMrs Norma Dicaire
Row 2Carol LahnemannHerman Lahnemann
S. S. No. 1
Robert QuinnRuthy Longmire
Row 3Elaine BelmoreLynn RossGail HuttBeth RossViolet HuttBeverly LongmireElaine Hutt
Row 41963
Kathy Quinn? Belmore.Linda HuttHeather Mitchell

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