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  1. Carrie Holmes MacGillivray
  2. Dorothy Dumbrille Books
  3. " Dewar,-- Tracing Our Family Tree, County of Glengarry Ont." By Donald Keith Dewar
  4. Ewan Ross Writings
  5. Grace Campbell Titles
  6. HISTORICAL MEMORIES, Cornwall Township Historical Society
  7. The Hooples of Hoople's Creek by Elizabeth L. Hoople, 1967,
  8. I Remember Glengarry by Rose Gourlay Gosse
  9. MacGregors Kith & Kin by Jean Furcall and Donna Templeton,
  10. Loyalist in Ontario and other books
  11. Maxville Its Centennial Story 1991
  12. Ralph Connor
  13. Rivermen & other books
  14. Royce MacGillivray
  15. Source of Suppy for other Books on Glengarry in part

OTHER LOCAL BOOKS FOR SALE FROM US as supplies last or available as otherwise stated

Here is a list of some of our duplicate titles we have for sale.

All in pretty good condition, If interested Contact US
  1. All's Fair, by Ruth D Mowatt, SC, ca 1980. $18.00 + $9.00 shipping
  2. Apple Hill 1882-1982, 100 Years of Good Will, by centennial commette
  3. Because People Came SC, 1976,
  4. Bibliography of Glengarry County by Royce MacGillivray, HC, 1996 $67.00 shipped
  5. Dalkeith Bicentennial Heritage Booklet, Our Land, Our Heritage, 2011, SC, by Dalkeith History Society,
  6. Discovering Canadian Series Lectures 1974-75, Lyall Manson, Douglas Hunter, Ewan Ross, SC
  7. A Genealogy Study of the Dewar's of Glengarry 1794-1994 by Donald Keith Dewar
  8. Historical Sketch of Kenyon Presbyterian Church Dunvegan, 1993 by Rev Donald N MacMillan, SC,
  9. History of Maxville and the Community, by Maxville Women's Institute, 1967. $20.00 & $9.00 shipping
  11. Horse & Buggy Days in Martintown 1900-1940 by Rhodes Grant 1976, HC, autographed, illustrated with photos, $18.00 + $10.00 shipping
  12. House of Ontario by Royce MacGillivray
  13. I Remember Glengarry, by Rose Gourlay Gosse 1978,
  14. Mind of Ontario by Royce MacGillivray $10.00 + $9.00 shipping
  15. Reflections of Monkland and District, HC, 1985, by historical society, with many photos, $90.00 & $10.00 shipping
  16. Shadow of Tradition by Carrie Holmes MacGillivray, HC, 1945,
  17. The Story of Martintown, A Pioneer Village by Rhodes Grant, 1974,HC, autographed, illustrated with photos, $25.00 & $10.00 shipping
  18. St Andrew's Williamstown 1787-1987, A History, SC,
  19. St Raphael's -- Dedication of the New Parish Church and Centre, 1973, SC
  20. St Columban's 150 Anniversary Cornwall, Ont, 1979, SC

Cat.#3005/ OLCB-005 McCuaigs of Bainsville,

by D. W. McCuaig, 1984, SC, McCuaigs 40 pages illustrated. McCuaigs of Glenelg, The McCuaigs of Glengarry, Acknowledgements p.1; Our System p. 2; Peter McCuaig p. 3; Donald McCuaig p. 5; Duncan [D.D.] McCuaig, The McIntosh Family p. 6; D.D. McCuaig, Stanley Howard McCuaig p. 8; Eric Alexander Duncan McCuaig, Ruth McCuaig Bates, Helen McCuaig McEvoy. Harwood S. McCuaig p. 12; Gertrude McCuaig Matheson p. 14 John Ross Matheson p. 17; Margaret Matheson Slemon, Dr. V. Carl McCuaig p. 18; Victor McCuaig, Natalie McCuaig May, Charles Homer McCuaig p. 20; Donald W. McCuaig [author], Margaret McCuaig Milliken, Lola McCuaig Guy, Edmund Barton McCuaig p. 22; Duncan Roderick McCuaig p. 23; Bainsville Memories, p. 28; The Sangster Family p. 36; Col. John McCuaig, more research. Bibliography p. 37 Remember When p. 38; Donald Wallace McCuaig petition p. 40.

For more information on this work, cost, shipping Contact D W MCCUAIG, RR 2 STN MAIN RENFREW, ON K7V 3Z5 (613) 432-8992

Cat.#3037/OLLG-037 MacLeods of Drynock & Glengarry by Donald A. MacLeod

I do not have a source of supply for this title. (awf)

Cat.#3051/OLSG-051 STORMONT DUNDAS & GLENGARRY 1786-1945

BY JOHN G. HARKNESS, 1951 reprint. hardcover, illustrated, over 600 pages Deals with the SDG History of the United counties or Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.
More Information Contact;- S.D.& G. County Library, 20 Pitt Street Cornwall, Ontario K6J 3P2 Phone : (613) 936-8777 Fax : (613) 936-2532

Cat.#3052/OLMU-052 STORMONT DUNDAS & GLENGARRY 1945-1978,

1982, by Francis Marin, over 600 pages, ilustrated, This volume continues with the SDG history of the counties from where the Harkness edition stops.
More Information Contact;-- S.D.& G. County Library, 20 Pitt Street Cornwall, Ontario K6J 3P2 Phone : (613) 936-8777 Fax : (613) 936-2532



by George D. Weir, S. C., 8.5 X11, 84 pages, illustrated,
Introduction p.1; Family History p. 3; James Weir [founder] p. 7;
Ann Margaret Weir McDonell p. 9; Catherine Weir McMillan p. 11; James Weir [Weaver] p. 13;
Andrew Weir p. 21; Daniel A. Weir p. 37; John W. Weir p. 53;
Benjamin J. Weir p. 69; William Weir p. 75; Addition/change form p. 77;
Index of names p. 78;


sandyCat# 3123
Sandy Fraser
-- a bibliography of the writings of John Everett McIntosh (1876-1948)
in the farmer's Advocate under the pen name Sandy Fraser,
Edited by Royce MacGillivray, 1991.
hardcover, cloth binding, 8.5 x 11 format, 106 pages,
Cat# 3123 ISBN 0-9695129-0-2

Sandy Fraser Writings


by the Anniversary Committee softcover, illustrated, about 67 pages, size 8.5 X 7, cover illustration, view of Round Church & Cemetery. Chapters cover, An Introduction p.2, St. Andrews United Church 1833-1991 p.5, The Burial Grounds p.13, Church Heating p.15, The Manse & Glebe p.16, Congregational Outreach p.17, Cote St. George Church p.18, The Free Church 1843-1875 p.20, Ministers, Deacons, Organists, Presentors, Treasurers p. 25-30, Music p.31, Women's Groups 1904-13, Ladies Aid, Women's Missionary Society 1914-62, United Church Women 1962 - p.33-8, Outreach Projects p.39, Gifts from Women's Groups p.41, Fund Raising p.42, Sunday School 1858 - 1990 p.44, Youth Groups p.51, Memories of Our Church p. 53-6, Gifts to the Congregation p. 58, Honour Roll p.60, Anniversary Celebrations & Committee 1991 p.62-4, In Gratitude p.65, Bibliography p.65, Notes to Reader p.65

Contact for more info
St. Andrew's United Church Address: PO Box 187, Alexandria, ON, K0C 1A0 Phone: 613-347-2512 or 613-525-2651


We have a couple of copies, available as supplies last.
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Tel # local 250-338-6334;
Toll Free 1-866-517-2112

The Glengarry Book Blog

Cat.#3154/OLPG-154a The People of Glengarry, Highlanders in Transition 1745- 1815, 1991,

by Marianne McLean, hardcover with dust jacket, size 6 X 9, peopleover 300 pages, ISBN 0-7735-0814-7 Series #9 of McGill-Queens Studies in Ethnic History. Contents include; Tables, maps p. ix, Preface p. xi, Illustrations following p. x111, Introduction p. 3, Western Inverness-shire after 1745 p. 14, Barisdale p. 24, Lochiel p. 42, Western Inverness-shire, 1770 - 1800 p. 62, The Loyalist Emigrants p. 78, The 1785 - 1793 Emigrants p. 98, The Peace of Amiens Emigrants p. 128, The Post 1815 Emigrants p. 151, Settlement 1784 - 1798 p. 168, Settlement 1797 - 1816 p. 188, Conclusion p. 205, Notes p. 218, Bibliography p. 266, Index p. 275.
Beginning in the middle of the 18th century, the Highlands of Scotland underwent radical social and economic change. The economic transformation - from a quasi-feudal community to a society ordered by modern capitalist forces - led to declining status for clansmen and disruption of traditional social organization.
In a detailed and well-documented study, Marianne McLean explores the relationship between economic changes in the Highlands and the clansmen1s emigration to Canada in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, She challenges the currently accepted position - endorsed in recent works by Eric Richards and J. M. Bumsted - that the clearances and sheep farms did not have a central role in provoking mass emigration. While McLean does not argue that landlords forced people to leave, she uses local evidence to show that the economic changes brought about by these factors led many Highlanders to emigrate. Using a wide array of published and unpublished sources, McLean examines in detail nine group emigrations which left western Inverness between 1785 and 1802 for Glengarry County in Upper Canada (now Ontario). She describes how, once in North America, they built a new Highland community in an attempt to ensure each family1s access to the land. By revealing the pattern of Highland emigration to Glengarry County -- families and friends and /or settling together -- McLean confirms Bernard Baylin's notion of a 'provincial emigrant stream', and offers a convincing explanation for the development of one of Canada1s 'limited identities.'
With the PEOPLE OF GLENGARRY, McLean presents an examination of the cultural change which marked the historical experience of one group in Canada and begins to define the cultural legacy which their descendants share. 'A received view has been shattered so effectively in these pages that it is hard to see how anyone can ever put it together again. [McLean's book is ] one of the best Canadian immigration studies .... prepared up to this date. Drawing on an impressively wide range of sources (most of them unpublished) ... it definitely makes a significant original contribution to its field. It is likely to be a much consulted, much cited standard work.' Royce MacGillivray, Department of History, University of Waterloo.
Marianne McLean is programme Head of the Public Life Archives Programme, Manuscript Division, Nation Archives of Canada.
'This study of the origins of Glengarry County, Ontario, has its roots in my curiosity about emigration, its effect on individuals, and its meaning for the country which the emigrants built. All of my father1s family were Scottish Highlanders who belonged to Glengarry. But my father is a Canadian. When and how did his people become Canadian, and what survives of their former culture? The origin of this particular part of the Canadian identity clearly lies in the Highlands of Scotland and in Glengarry County; the experience of emigration, which formed the new community, was crucial in shaping the Highlander1s life in the new world. But what did the Highlanders, or any other group, preserve of their old identity when, after several generations, they considered themselves Canadian? Questions of cultural transfer are not easy to answer.This book represents only the first stage in an examination of the cultural change that marked the historical experience of one ethnic group in Canada. Nevertheless, in charting why and how certain Gaelic-speaking Scots came to Canada two hundred years ago, I have begun to define the cultural legacy which their descendants share and which is part of the Canadian heritage.'
I have written this book most particularly for the people of Glengarry, whether in Scotland, in Canada, or elsewhere, for those whose lives are remembered here, and for all their families.

At first glance, this might be one of the books, most people who are interested in the early history of Glengarry should read, although time may prove otherwise. [awf]

If interested in obtaining this work, either soft or hard cover, for more info Contact Alex
or order from Amazon at People of Glengarry

2 reviews Review,+1745-1820.-a0151039719

The People of Glengarry, Highlanders in Transition 1745- 1815 Table of Contents

  1. Tables & maps p.ix
  2. Preface p.xi
  3. Illustrations following p.xiii
  4. Chapter 1 Introduction p.3
  5. Chapter 2 Western Inverness-shire after 1745 p.14
  6. Chapter 3 Barisdale p.24
  7. Chapter 4 Lochiel p.42
  8. Chapter 5 Western Inverness-shire, 1770-1800 p.62
  9. Chapter 6 The Loyalist Emigrants p.78
  10. Chapter 7 The 1785-1793 Emigrants p.98
  11. Chapter 8 The Peace of Amiens Emigrants p.128
  12. Chapter 9 The Post-1815 Emigrants p.151
  13. Chapter 10 Settlement, 1784-1797 p.168
  14. Chapter 11 Settlement, 1797-1816 p.188
  15. Chapter 12 Conclusion p.205
  16. Notes p.218
  17. Bibliography p.266
  18. Index p. 275

Cat.#3184/OLDG-184 The MacLoers of Galder Glenelg, A Genealogy Study of the Dewar's of Glengarry Ontario 1794 - 1994.

Revised Feb.1996 Dewars by Donald Keith Dewar, softcover, cerlox bound, size 8.5 x 11, pages not numbered, about 55 Dewars pages, illustrated. The cover is the title page, no table of contents or index, no CIP or ISBN. The book is divided into the following headings; That Apple Hill Dance, April 23, 1923; What about those 3Dewars2 of Glenelg Scotland?; And What about those 3Dewars2 in the County of Glengarry Ontario; The Death of Norman Dewar; How far back can we trace our ancestors from 3Galder Glenelg?2; The Dewars From Galder Glenelg; A Genealogical Study of the Dewar Family From Glenelg; John Bane Dewar - 1794; Angus Dewar - Blacksmith at Galder, of the Dewar family from Glenelg; Duncan [Donald] Dewar [Blacksmith] came to Canada in 1822, lived on Con 8 lot 14.5 West Hawkesbury; Roderick Dewar of Glenelg; Norman Dewar [Weaver] at Bernera; Dewars of Cote St. George Road, St. Telesphore - Seigniory Land, Quebec. The family of John Dewar and Christy MacDonald from Dull Perthshire Scotland; Dewars of Cote St. George Road, St. Telesphore - Seigniory Land, Quebec. The family of John Dewar and his wife Catherine McLennan; John Dewar, Lot 35 - Con. 4 Lochiel; Archibald Dewar, lot 1 - Con 4 - Roxborough Township [Baptist].
[I was provided with a complimentary copy of this title by Mr. Dewar, July 1994, AWF]

Keith Dewar died a number of years ago.
More info on this work go to " Dewar,-- Tracing Our Family Tree, County of Glengarry Ont. "

update 8/04/07
I have No copies of this title left. AWF
Alasdair Macrae has all of the DEWAR research now, he is continuing on the research and the book. Alasdair may be reached by e mail at ali.ruadh @ This e mail for Alasdair McRae may or may no longer be valid. This is the only contact info I have for this Dewar work.

Cat.#3192/OLEG-192 The Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry,

1994, lochabar editor Rae Fleming, S.C., 8 x 10, CIP, ISBN 0-920474-96-9, about 200 pages, illustrated, 1802 passenger list, some family tree charts. book sponsored by Hugh P. MacMillan.
For Anyone interested in the history of the Scottish people, in Scotland and North America, this book is essential reading. In Canada and the United States today there are tens of thousands of descendants of Highland Scots who left Lochaber around 1800 to settle in Glengarry County. This book deals with the conditions in Scotland before migration, settlement experiences in Glengarry, and the spread of these Scots-Canadians from Glengarry to the American and Canadian West. There are fur trade and Metis Connections, and even ties with the Caribbean. As well as colourful articles, this book contains a wealth of genealogical information, family trees, maps, photographs and other illustrations.
Did Your ancestor come to Canada in 1802, with Allan McMillan [1752-1823] of Glenpean, Loch Arkaig, Scotland. In 1802 with his cousin Archibald McMillan [1762-1832] Allan brought three shiploads of emigrants to Glengarry County Canada. This book will interest Scottish history "Buffs" as well as descendants of MacMillans [ or Macmillans, or McMillans, or MacMillans] and the 47 other clan names on the ship1s list. These descendants are scattered all over North America. Other clan names were; Beaton, Cameron, Campbell, Chisholm, Corbett, Dewar, Fletcher, Forbes, Fraser, Gandie, Grant, Gunn, Henderson, Kennedy, MacArthur, MacCormick, MacCosham, MacCrimmon, McCuaig, McCullough, McDonald, MacDonnell, McDougall, MacGillis, McGillivray, MacIntosh, McKay. McKenzie, McKinnon, McLachlane, MacLean, McLennan, MacMaster, MacPhee, MacPherson, MacQueen, MacRae, Marshall, Morrison, Neven, Rankin, Robertson, Scott, Stewart, Wadell, Wright.

If interested in obtaining this work, either soft or hard cover, for more info Contact

The Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry Table of Contents

  1. Forward p.ix
  2. Preface p.xi
  3. Introduction p.1
  4. Chapter 1 Ships' list of Lochaber Immigrants 1803 p.5
  5. Chapter 2 The Looting of Lochaber p.17
  6. Chapter 3 Origins of the Lochaber MacMillans and the Descent of the families of Murlagtgan and Glenpean p.36
  7. Chapter 4 How far is it to Canada p.37
  8. Chapter 5 Documents and Letters Relating to the Lochaber Emigrants of 1802 p.53
  9. Chapter 6 Documents and Letters Relating to the Lochaber Emigrants of 1802 p.56
  10. Chapter 7 Family and Ethnic Bonds between West Indians and Canadians p.73
  11. Chapter 8 Westward from Glengarry p.85
  12. Chapter 9 The Indian Metis Connection; James McMillan and his descendants p.92
  13. Chapter 10 The Glenpean and Murlaggan Charts p.109
  14. Chapter 11 Two MacMillan Characters p. 157
  15. Chapter 12 How this book came to be p.163
  16. Bibliography p.187
  17. Index p.190
  18. Personal Family Charts p.195

Cat.#3193/OLUG-193 UP THE GLENS Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders 1783 - 1994
For more information contact
The SDG Foundation, Cornwall Armories, Kit Shop, 505 4th Street E., Cornwall, Ontario K6H 2J7
Ron Coughlan Phone 613-932-7383

e mail rcoughlan[at] ... replace [at] with @

Update, 10/26/07 Bob Rothgeb, has died and the Old book Store from what I am aware no longer exists. Contact the" Kit shop " above or Contact Alex

SDG Highlanders home page


This battle cry has echoed across many of the toughest battlefields where Canadian troops have fought. Highlanders from three proud counties and surrounding areas have served for more than a hundred years. They still serve. Standing ready in peacetime, or answering the call to war, the Regiment and its members have never been found wanting.
True as that is, this book is not simply a war story. As General Crerar said in his Foreword to the first edition of the story of the Highlanders, "This is more than a regimental history. It is also a story ... of families who settled, and animated, the Counties ..."

And what a story it is!

The Canadian Militia unit known as The Glens; whose official name is Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, can trace its roots as a proud and valiant military organization to the earliest days of settlement of the parts of Upper Canada now known as Eastern Ontario. Most of the men who were its first members came to what was then Upper Canada from the United States where they served in either the 84th Royal Highland Emigrant Regiment or the King's Royal Regiment of New York. They fought on the losing side in the American Revolutionary War and they were offered the opportunity of a new life in a new land. Canada welcomed them, and they made their homes here.
The book is rich with tales of the exploits of some of the most colourful and heroic individuals that Canada, or any other nation, has ever seen.
Perhaps first among these was Colonel "Red George" Macdonell, the conqueror of Ogdensburg and one of the commanders of the victors at Chategueay in the War of 1812. To participate in that battle he covered 140 miles by water and 40 by land in four and a half days at the head of the battalion he commanded.
In the same time, there was very much in evidence Red George's kinsman, The Warrior Bishop. Among other patriotic feats, he excommunicated a would-be deserter on the frozen river, as the troops marched to the attack under fire of the fort's cannons.
There was Sergeart Nunney, a ferocious fighter in World War I, awarded three of the highest decorations a soldier can win.
No reader of the book could ever forget "Uniformity". the dog who travelled everywhere with The Glens, nearly sailed to Europe, and who left her descendants all over Eastern Ontario.
The greatest strength of this monumental work is the incredible wealth of accurate and detailed information that is contains. From the first pages where Lieutenant-Colonel Boss describes the earliest settlers of the United Counties, through the War of 1812, the Rebellion and the Fenian Raids, South Africa, World War I, England, Normandy, Holland and Germany, his tales of The Glens at peace and war are detailed and often awe-inspiring. General Patterson brings the history up to date with his summary of the forty-three years since the book was first published. He reports on The Glens' involvement in tasks as diverse as the October Crisis of 1970 and UN Peacekeeping in places such as Cyprus, Yugoslavia and the Gaza strip. Through it all, the facts (and the human tales) are there.
The book contains thirty-two pages of photographs and maps, showing The Glens at peace and at war.
Forty appendices provide hard-to-find details of the men and women who served, and those who are still serving; their contributions, sacrifices, honours and awards.

3193/OLUG-193 Up The Glens, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlandrs, 1783 - 1994

SDG Highlanders home page

published July 1995, by THE OLD BOOK STORE, Cornwall, Ontario coffee table format, size 9 X 12, HC with Glengarry Tartan dust jacket in colour , illustrated with over 30 pages of photos, easy reading type, 300 pages, updated to 1994 by Brigadier General W. J. Patterson and is the complete reprint of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, 1783 - 1951, by William Boss, 1st edition published 1952. This work has 20 chapters and 40 Appendiecs. See also the above outline.

For more information contact
The SDG Foundation, Cornwall Armories, Kit Shop, 505 4th Street E., Cornwall, Ontario K6H 2J7
Ron Coughlan Phone 613-932-7383
e mail rcoughlan[at] ... replace [at] with @

Update, 10/26/07 Bob Rothgeb, has died and the Old book Store from what I am aware no longer exists. Contact the" Kit shop " above or Contact Alex

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