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"A" -- Connections

Documentation Items Available
ABBEY, Dr. Harold, died.1989 at Lancaster, OntGI, obit,
ABBEY, Kevin Charles, died 1991 at Toronto, Ont GI,obit,FC
ADDISON, Peter Mark, Richmond Hill, Ont., mar'd to Dona Catherine Fraser Aug.1969 mar
AFRA DONATION of Local books Title List
AITKEN, Mabel mar'd Duncan J. Macpherson 1900, Lancaster mar
AITKEN, Mabel, Mrs. Duncan J. MacPherson, South Lancaster, died July 1960, age 84, obit
AITKEN,; Phyllis mar'd to Brian Fourney, 1970mar
ALPHONCE, Dr. Bo died at Ottawa, May 2000 Obit,
AN AGED TRIO Catherine, Dermid, Janet McDermid, Dec 1900 AOI
ANDERSON, Catherine, Mrs. Donald McVichie, died Dec. 1898, born Perthshire, Scotland obit
ANDERSON, John Campbell Vallance died at Vancouver, BC, Jan 1950, age 75, of Maxville, Ont. hus of Mary Gertrude Paynter obit
ANDERSON, Kai died at Ottawa, Oct 2001 of RR#1 Cornwall Obit,
ANDERSON, Peter died at Cornwall, Mar 2001 of St. Lazare Quebec Obit,
ANDERSON, William died East Hawkesbury twp, Aug 1908 age 94,obit
ANDERSON, Mrs. Wm. died Feb 1901, East Hawkesbury, age 73 obit
ANDRE, Margaret nee Laframboise died at South Lancaster, Feb 2001 of South Lancaster Obit,
APPLEBAUM, Toby G., nee Wagner died at Cornwall, Oct 2001 age 93 from Lancaster Obit,
APPLEBEE, Joyce, nee Wright died at Alexandria, Oct 2001 age 69 Obit,
ARDLEY, Mrs. Isabella, nee MacMillan, died1944 at Hamilton, Ontario obit,FC
ARMOUR, John died at Allan's Corners, Que Sep.1905, brother of Angus of Lancasterobit
ARNOTT, Katherine Dallas, nee Maclean died at Cornwall, Sep 1999 age 93 from Cornwall Obit,
ASHIE Marjorie A. died at Toronto, feb 1998 Obit,
ASSALY, Olga, nee Maclean died at Ottawa, Jan 2001 Obit,
AULT, Charlotte, Mrs. James Y. Cameron, died Jan1917 at Toronto, Ont obit