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"Providing the best fuel efficiency products for the lowest prices."

Effective Fuel Efficiency+ Products for better mileage, performance and reduced fuel costs


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This 866-517-2113 8 am - 9 pm pst is an Active, good Toll Free number you will get me when you call.Local call 1-250-338-6334. Please be patient in that process.
I am here to assist you obtain bitron Products or information if that is your wish.

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420 Harmston Avenue Courtenay, BC V9N 2X2 Canada
Tel # Local 250-338-6334 or call Toll Free at 1-866-517-2113

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I Ask You to Place Your Bitron Order, Gain The Benefits, Thank you

Bitron Products; Engine formulation 8oz bottle, Fuel Conditioner 16oz bottle, Octane Booster 2oz bottle, Powertrain & Gear Formulation 8oz bottle, Penetrating Lubricant 4oz bottle, Tire Safety Solution 16 & 20oz bottle. All of which helps keep your vehicle, lawnmowers, chainsaws, equipment in better running condition. Click the Bitron order link above click county in select county drop down box then page open for more details on products available,

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Staying Healthly with both vehicle & Body

What You Do For Another You Do For Yourself.
A Healthy Body, a Healthy Vehicle, A Healthy Life = a Healthier business/working enviornment for all

My 1997 GMC 1500 Sierra alex w fraser  rhoda ross Alex & Rhoda

A Journey To Better Health with Bitron

From my point of view, using the Excellent Bitron Products, I consider the results a Journey To Better Health.
Why? as follows
  • less harmful emmissions--healthier life
  • better gas mileage--healthier pocket book
  • less wear & tear on vehicle in repairs & Maintenance--healthier life
  • helps environment therefore less polution therefore easier breathing--healthier life
  • helps you to have a healthier pocket book with residual income--healthier life
  • helps to keep your family, vehicle, neighbours and neighbourhood healthier--healthier life
  • helps to make friends--healthier life
  • helps in stretching your gas budget-- 3 tanks doing the work of 4--healthier pocket book
  • saves you money--healthier pocket book
  • product will continuously pay for it self --healthier pocket book
  • you can probably add items to this list on your own

I Ask You to Place Your Bitron Order, on our SECURE online ordering page,
or Telephone me Toll Free at 1-866-517-2113.
Gain The Benefits, Thank you

Watch these bitron videos Racers testimonials, Grease demo, Diesel conditioner, TSS, fuel conditioner demos

Watch video Products overview & testimonials by Mark Wright

Bitron Product Page

Bitron Information Bulletins New 9/24/05

Testimonials click on feedback link

FAQs click on FC FAQ link

Read the latest issues of the Bitron Newsletters, see pageBitron Newsletters,

Some Bitron Links & Locations New 10/05

I Ask You to Place Your Bitron Order, on our SECURE online ordering page,
or Telephone me Toll Free at 1-866-517 2113 leave a message if you don't get an answer, with full name and telephone number and best time to call back. I will get back to you. Either way we offer a Secure ordering System to help you obtain Bitron Products.
Gain The Benefits, Thank you


My Bitron 1999 - 2000 results

Why I Use Bitron

Bitron Conference UpDate Mar 21,05 & initial OCTANE BOOSTER RESULTS

A 15,457.2 kms or 9583.46 miles Bitron usage Report in pdf format

After using Bitron Products, gas conditioner, engine Formulation, my highway driving results dramatically increased to 31.93 mpg. Over 18,487.84 miles I averaged 25.32 mpg with my `97 GMC 1/2 ton, Sierra 1500 5 speed manual 2WD. Over a 13.5 month period, Dec 02 to Feb 04 I gained 4 Free tanks of Gas of about 90 litres/19.78 gallons each above, the cost of the Bitron
More info contact me.

A more up to date listing of Alex W Fraser's bitron results covering 9 plus years

to continue click Alex W Fraser's Official Bitron Web site

Read the latest issues of the Bitron Newsletters, in pdf format.

Visit the Official Bitron Corporate site at, click logo

Bitron Newsletters and Articles

National Georgaphic -End Of Cheap Oil

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Tel # Local 250-338-6334 Toll Free 1-866-517-2113 8 am - 9 pm pst

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