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CALDER, Catherine, Mrs. J. D. Ross, died June 1914, Lancaster, age 95 Obit
CAMERON, _______ , Mrs. John E. McLennan, died Apr. 1897, Lancaster age 31 Obit
CAMERON, Mrs [Dr] _____, Iron Mountain, Mich, visit ref Cornwall Standard Feb. 1925, pg. 3, col. 3. NR,
CAMERON, Alex D. To Anna Helen MacDonald, Mar'd Feb. 1922, Williamstown, Ontario Mar,
CAMERON, Angus, died Feb 1905, Athol, Ontario Obit
CAMERON, Angus Alexander, died Oct. 1919, Sandon, B.C., from Lancaster p. Obit N, BCVD
CAMERON, Annie, Mrs. Malcolm McMartin, died Nov.1909, Lancaster, of River Raisin p.V.1 Obit,GI
CAMERON, Annie, Mrs. D. D. McKeracher, died at St. Elmo, Feb. 1943, age 99Obit
CAMERON, Catherine Anna Bella, Mrs. Gordon Ferguson, died at Ottawa Jan. 1957, age 90 of Thurso, Que. Obit
CAMERON, Miss Catherine died Dec.1900, age 91, from Greenfield Obit
CAMERON, Daniel, died Nov. 1934, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., born Glengarry Obit, Bap,MR
CAMERON, Mrs. Donald, nee Elizabeth McNaughton died Apr. 1916, ae 41 yrs, Winnipeg, Man, of Lancaster twp. Obit
CAMERON, Mrs. Donald, nee Lillian McPherson, died Sep. 1916, Winnipeg, Man, age 78, born South Lancaster, Ont. Obit,GI,
CAMERON, Donald Arch, died June 1902, West Superior, Wis., from Char twp Obit
CAMERON, Brigadier Donald C. died at Kingston, May 1970, age 59, of Lochiel, hus of [1]Catherine McMaster [2]Edith Burgoyne Obit
CAMERON, Donald J. died Feb. 1905, Dunvegan p. Obit
CAMERON, Mrs. Donald J. nee Harriett McDonald died Apr. 1912, age 75, Dunvegan Obit
CAMERON, Dougald, died Sep. 1922, Lochiel Twp. Obit
CAMERON, Mrs. Dougald, d. 1898, MacGillivray's Bridge, Ontario Obit
CAMERON, Douglas S. died at Cornwall Mar. 1999, age 82, of 25 1st Lanc twp., hus of Lois Smiley Obit
CAMERON, Duncan, Dunvegan, see Home From the Yukon Sep. 1900 AOI
CAMERON, Henry A. died Lanc twp. on Mar. 1935, age 68, hus of Harriet McCuaig Obit
CAMERON, Miss Hilda died at South Lancaster Oct. 1957 age 83, Obit
CAMERON, Isabella, Mrs. Donald McRae, died Apr. 1901, born Cornwall twp., age 93 Obit
CAMERON, Mrs. J. C. Cameron, nee Bowie, see Floated on a Roof, Oct. 1900, at Galveston, Texas AOI
CAMERON, Rev. James, died Oct. 1900, Toronto, Ontario, age 58 Obit
CAMERON, Mrs. James Y., nee Charlotte Ault, died Jan. 1917, Toronto, Ontario Obit
CAMERON, John, died Aug. 1901, Greenfield, Ontario, age 89 Obit
CAMERON, John, died Sep. 1918, Charlottenburgh Twp., age 73 Obit
CAMERON, Mrs. John, nee Catherine McDonald, died June 1928, Charlottenburgh Twp. Obit,GI
CAMERON, Margaret, Mrs. Alex. McLennan, died Mar. 1920, Lancaster Obit,GI
CAMERON, Mary, Mrs. Duncan McKinnon, died Jan. 1932, of Greenfield, age 85 Obit,GI
CAMERON, Mary Ann, Mrs. Malcolm McNeil, died Jan. 1900, Iron Mountain, Mich, age 34, of Athol, Ontario Obit
CAMERON, Mary Catherine to James R. Thompson, mar. Jan.1920, Avonmore, from Monckland, Ont. Mar,
CAMERON, R.D., see Glengarrians Abroad, Jan. 1900 AOI
CAMERON, Roderick, died July 1900, age 75, Lancaster Obit
CAMERON, Mrs. Rory, nee Mary McDonald, died April1913, Spokane, Washington Obit,MR
CAMPBELL,, Alexander A., Died Apr. 1999, age 74, son of John N. McCrimmon's Corner, husband of Phyllis. Obit,
CAMPBELL, Alexander B. died Dec. 1947, Williams Lake, B.C., from Martintown Ont., age 77Obit,BCVR,
CAMPBELL, Miss Ann, died June 1902, E. Hawkesbury twp., age 70 Obit,
CAMPBELL, Miss Katie, died at Vernon, BC., Oct. 1908, from Maxville Obit,
CAMPBELL, Catherine Anne, Mrs. Donald A. Fraser, died Vankleek Hill, Oct. 1938, born on The Ridge, West Hawkesbury township Obit,
CAMPBELL, Donald, died Dec. 1902, 2nd Con. Roxborough, age 87 Obit,GI,
CAMPBELL, Donald, Died at Glen Nevis, Ont. Dec. 1999, age 64, husband of Sheila Thompson. Obit,
CAMPBELL, Dorothy, d.1918, Stillwater, Minn. from Dunvegan, Ontario Obit,
CAMPBELL, Duncan died at Detroit, Mich, Nov. 1959 from St. Telesphore, Que., hus of Laura MacNamara of Buckingham Obit,
CAMPBELL, Effie dau of Allan, St. Anicet, mar'd to John Stewart, St. Anicet, Que., Mar. 1904, Summerstown Mar,
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Finlay, nee Effie McLennan, died Mar. 1904, Cote St. George, Que., age 89 Obit,GI,
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Finlay, nee Mary McDonald, died Feb.1905, Lancaster township, age 88 Obit,
CAMPBELL, Jamieson, died Apr. 1913, Apple Hill, Ontario, age 68, husband of (2nd) Miss Christy Munroe Obit,
CAMPBELL, Margaret, Mrs. Malcolm McRae, died Apr. 1921, age 84, of West Hawkesbury twp Obit,
CAMPBELL, Murdoch D. died Feb. 1905, Los Angeles, California from Coldwater, Michigan & Kenyon township, hus of late Miss Logene Weller Obit,
CAMPEAU, Lucienne, Mrs. George Leger, died Dec. 1975, Cornwall, Ont., age 81 Obit,
CARDINAL, Eudore mar'd to Jennie Phillips, July 1917, Greenfield Mar,
CAREY, John, died Feb.1916, age 82, Glen Robertson Obit,
CARRIERE, Clara, Mrs. Rolland Glaude of Bainsville, died Apr. 1971, age 59, dau of Dolphus Obit,GI,
CARRIERE, Gedeon died Ottawa, Oct.1929, of St. Isadore de Prescott, Ontario, age 39, husband of C. Gauthier Obit,
CARRIER, Malcolm A., Died Oct. 1999, age 45, husband of Shelley (nee Martin). Obit,
CARROLL, Mrs. Jean Marie, nee Moore died Ottawa, Sep 2001, of Apple Hill, Ont., age 73, wife of late Kenneth Obit,
CARSON, Dennis Cornwall mar'd to Linda McCuaig, Lanc twp at Cornwall Feb. 1969 Mar,
CARTHER, Mrs. Malcolm D., nee Mary Stewart, died Nov.1947, Stewart's Glen, Ontario Obit,GI,
CASEY, Timothy Marcus Died Cornwall, Ont. Feb. 2000, age 67, husband of 1 Dorothea Hickey; 2 Mary Gillis. Obit,
CASHION, Mary J. , Mrs. William C. Leitch, died at Montreal May 1960, age 92, of Cashion's Glen Obit,GI,
CASSELMAN, Miss Nina, Died at Cornwall, Ont. Mar. 1999, age 95, dau of John F. Williamsburg. Obit,
CASSIDY, Scott Died Shilo, Manitoba. Feb. 2001, age 35, former husband of Karen Forward, friend of Heather Playford. Obit,
CATTANACH, Mrs. Angus, nee Elizabeth Bowie, died Sep. 1893, Alexandria, Ontario, age 55 Obit,FC,
CATTANACH, Catherine M., Summerstown Station mar'd to William J. Holdsworth, Summerstown, Mar. 1904 Mar,
CAYER, Carol dau of Vic, Deep River, mar'd to John Lindsay Pattingale, Lanc twp, Oct. 1969 at Deep River, Ont. Obit,
CHAFFEE, Mrs. William D., Summerstown, nee Margaret Fraser died Cornwall, June1957, age 57, Obit,
CHARLEBOIS,, Andre, Died Ottawa, May 2001, age 54, son of Adrien, husband of Huguette Seguin. Obit,
CHARLEBOIS,, Leopold, Died St. Isadore, Ont., May 1999, age 96 y 10 m, husband of Agnes Secours. Obit,
CHEAM, Pamela Nina (nee Watson), Alexandria, Ont. Nov. 2000, age 68, former husband of Karen Forward, friend of Heather Playford. Obit,
CHENEY, Dr. Hugh L., died at Ottawa, Feb. 1967, age 81; hus of Elizabeth Porter; born Vankleek Hill Obit,
CHEVRIER, J. Amedee Mar'd to Edith Almer Blondin, Oct.1922 Peterboro, Ont Mar,
CHISHOLM, Mrs. Alex, nee Margaret Fraser, died Aug.1895, Williamstown, Ontario, age 83 Obit,GI,
CHISHOLM, Catherine, Mrs. Donald A. McDonald, died Sep. 1913, from St. Andrews West, age 80 Obit,
CHISHOLM, Catherine Ann, St. Raphaels, mar'd David McDonell Lanc twp, Feb. 1901, at St. Raphaels Mar,
CHISHOLM, Dan, died Dec. 1900, Kailno, Hawaii, age 30, from Alexandria, age about 30 Obit,
CHISHOLM, Dolly to Samuel Savage, mar. Nov. 1899, Lochiel Obit,
CHISHOLM, Janet, Mrs. _____ , McPhee, died June 1914, Anyox, B.C. age 65 Obit,BCVR
CHISHOLM, John A., died Feb. 1916, age 80, Skye, Ont. Obit,GI
CHISHOLM, Mrs. Ranald, nee Catherine McPhee, died Apr. 1900, age 88, born St. Andrew's Obit,GI
CHISHOLM, Valentine G., died Cornwall, Dec. 1958 age 94 from Lorne, Loch twp, hus of Catherine Ann MacDonald Obit,
CHISHOLM, Willam D. mar'd to Mary [May] MacDonald, Oct.1926, Dunvegan Obit,GI,FC,
CHRISTIE, Dr. F. John, Minnewaukon, N.D. mar'd to Florence Ross, dau of D. D. Martintown July 1905 Mar,
CHRISTIE, William Douglas McLaren Major died Ottawa?, Ont. Oct. 2000, age 90, husband of Pamela (nee Henderson), born vermont. Obit,
CHURCH, Robert Edward, died Cornwall, Ont. July 2000, of Pointe Claire, Que., age 70, husband of Phyllis Ann McMurray Obit,
CLARKE, Louisa A. m'd to Dan McDiarmid, Oct 1926, Kitsilano, B.C., Mar,BCVR,
CLARK, Minnie J.P. mar'd to Wm. J. Wightman Mar. 1893 Mar,
CLARKE, Dr. Stephen Glen died Lethbridge, Alberta. Jan. 1999, age 61, husband of Carole, born Toronto, Ont. Obit,
CLELAND, Lillas Spiers, [1] Mrs. James/John Murdock, [2] Mrs. James Reburn at Cornwall May 1975, born Scotland, age 85 Obit,GI,
CLINE, _____, Mrs. Donald B. MacLennan, died at Cornwall, Ont. Oct. 1926 Obit,
CLINE, Cecil H., died at Brockville, Apr. 1961, age 59, of Maxville, Obit,
CLINE, Edwin A. Maxville mar'd to Pauline Burnet June 1970 at Cornwall Mar,
CLINE, George W. died at Cornwall, May 1961, age 56, of Maxville, hus of Margaret Pechie, Dalkeith Obit,
CLINE, J. M. , Cornwall, mar'd to Annie Empey, Char Front, June 1901, Char Front Mar,
CLINGEN, William, died Jan. 1916, Martintown, Ontario Obit,
CODE, T. B. m'd to Isabel Wightman Apr. 1911, Lancaster, Ont. Mar,
COLBRAN, Ruth & Gordon McIntosh reception held, Aug 1944 AOI,
COLBRAN, Sandra Anne, Maxville,mar'd to William Gordon Hall, of Edwards, Ont., Nov. 1960, at Maxville, Mar,
COLLETTE, _____ infant child of Edward, died Dec. 1898, Lancaster, Ont. Obit,
COLEMAN, John Hewson died Toronto, Ont. Mar. 2000, age 88, husband of Kathryn, born Toronto, Ont. Obit,
CONDIE, J., 4th Lanc., see Home From the Yukon Sep. 1900 AOI,
CONDIE, J. K., died Mar.1948, Bainsville, Ontario, husband of Georgie Ann Snider Obit,GI,
CONDIE, Mrs. J. K., nee Georgina Snyder, died Aug.1955, Cornwall, Ontario, age 76 Obit,GI,
CONDIE, Malcolm, died Mar. 1905, East Lancaster, Ontario, age 75 Obit,GI
CONDIE, Mrs. William, nee Ellen McArthur, died Nov 1936, Bainsville, Ontario, age 81 Obit,GI,
CONNOR, Mrs. Ralph, nee _____ King died at Winnipeg, Man, 1961, age 84,??,
COOPER, Alfred, died Dec 1924, Glenboro, Man, age 68, from Lancaster, born England Obit,DR,
COOPER, Mrs. Alfred, nee Eliza Smith , died Mar. 1905, age 59, born Yarmouth, England, 1846 Obit,DR,GI
COOPER, Lillian May died Feb. 1899, age 2, dau of Alfred Obit,
COOPER, W. Duncan died at Baltimore, Ont., Apr. 1956, age 46 of Lancaster, hus of Helen Watson of Morrisburg Obit,
COPAS, Albert died at Cornwall Jan. 1958, of Lancaster, of Berkshire, England, hus of Janet Graham Coll, age 78 Obit,GI
CORBETT, Hugh, died Jan. 1901, age 62, of Munroe's Mills, married 3 times, Obit,GI
CORBET, Isabella, Mrs. D. A. McDonald, died Oct.1919, age 73, Munroe's Mills Obit,GI
COSTELLO, Mrs. F. T., nee Annie McPhee, died Sep. 1909, Alexandria, Ont. p.V.11Obit,
COWIE (FRASER), Evelyn M. (nee Haldenby), Died Alexandria, Ont. Feb. 2001, age 93, wife of late Alexander Fraser. Obit,
COYLE, Lottie to Thomas Jamieson Dec. 1898, Montreal, Que. Mar,
CRAIG, David William died at Cornwall, Apr. 1956 age 78, mail man, Lancaster Mar,
CRAIG, Earl, visits aunt South Lancaster Ref GN Sep 1958, pg. 6, col. 1. AOI,
CRAIG, Wesley died at Hamilton Apr. 1999, age 83, hus of Ruth, of Summerstown Obit,
CROWDER, Mrs. Rita Anita, died Calgary, Alberta. Mar. 2001, age 81, wife of Ed, Cornwall, Ontario Obit,
CUMMING, Cameron, Scientist, died May 1996, born Roxborough Twp., age 68 Obit,
CUMMING, Mrs. Donald, nee Jane Graham, died Jan1916, Montreal, Qubec, age 66 Obit,GI
CUMMING, William G. died Huntley District, Man Apr. 1960, age 82, born Ormstown, hus of Jennie Maxwell Obit,
CURRY, Alice M. to Dan Bonner Mar. Sep. 1927, Montreal, Quebec Mar,
CURRY, Arch. J., died Oct.1920, Cascades, Quebec from Curry Hill, Ontario Obit,
CURRY, Fred S., died Dec. 1955, age 83, Cornwall , husband of Mary Bell Young, Obit,
CURRY, Grace, Dec.1899 to South Dakota, from Curry Hill, Ontario AOI,
CURRY, Harold, farm sale, Lanc twp, Curry Hill, July 1947 AOI,
CURRY, Jane mar'd to Thomas Stacy Mar. 1893, Curry Hill Mar,
CURRY, Mrs. James, died Oct. 1920 Obit,
CURRY, Maria Squires, Mrs. _______ MacDaniels, died1893, Muskegon, Mich. from Curry Hill, Ont. Obit,
CURRY, Mildred died about Apr.1917 of Oregon Mar,
CURRY, Minnie Dec.1899 to South Dakota, from Curry Hill, Ontario AOI,
CURRY, Robert , Curry Hill mar'd to Georgia Dickson Valleyfield, Mar. 1893, Valleyfield Mar,
CURRY, Susan, Mrs. John McBean, died Jan.1899, Toronto, Ont, age 89, dau of John, Glengarry. Mar,
CUTHBERT, Peter, Quigley's, see Home From the Yukon Sep. 1900 AOI,